Summer 2008

Grandma & Grandpa F. took us to the Grand Rapids Children's Museum. As usual, Micah enjoys the chance to "drive"! We thought the mirror tunnel was neat too!

Visiting Aunt Jean in Indiana on Memorial Day

Dean & Karen went by themselves to a Cub's game. We took the train in from Michigan City, IN. They had a 1948 retro day, so the ball players were dressed from that year. We especially enjoyed seeing Zambrano pitch and watching them beat the Braves that day! Micah stayed with Grandma V.

Micah was pretty shy of the water at the beginning of the summer, but now he is really starting to enjoy it!

Playing with Daddy and wearing hats is one of Micah's FAVORITE things to do!

Micah was up one morning at 5am, and thought it would be a great idea to wear Dad's hat and also put his spoon in it. Mom was SUPER groggy, but managed to take a picture.

These were taken the 4th of July at our friend's house. We are definitely going to keep our eyes out for one of these cars at a garage sale, as Micah absolutely loved it!!!
We spend at least 2-3 evening a week enjoying the parks in Kent County.

Learning to eat with a spoon is SUPER messy, but great fun!
Grandpa & Grandma F. have a great park that we can walk to near their house. These were taken on a Sunday afternoon. We enjoy seeing cousin Noah!

It's fun to visit the farm and ride the Gator with Grandma V.!

Sometime in the next few weeks, we expect that Micah will be meeting his new brother or sister. Stay tuned....


13 months old

Micah man at 13 months old - our busy boy!

This is Micah on Mother's Day. We surprised Grandma V. and went to her church in Kalamazoo. After dinner Micah was dressed in a "vintage outfit" (seen on the left) which was once worn by his Uncle Fred. On the right, Micah hangs out with Uncle Fred.

One day we went to the beautiful Frederic Meijer Gardens with some friends, and Micah played in the sandbox and (to mom's dismay) he thought it would be fun to eat some DIRT!

We also went to the Tulip Time parade in Holland.

Micah has discovered a love for climbing up steps. This is me looking up at him from below on the steps at our apartment. Pretty much every time we come home from somewhere, he insists on climbing the steps. Sometimes he goes up all three flights, just for fun!
Micah enjoys visiting with Grandpa F. on one of his many trips down from Muskegon to show us houses.

Playing in the tunnel at the park.

Driving mom's car....VERY FUN!

Micah loves driving Grandpa V's truck too (Grandma V. is the one who started him with his love of driving.)

Checking out some equipment at the Case dealer (we rode along with Grandma V. one day to pick up parts for Grandpa). Yep, more driving!


Micah's 1st Birthday!

We had a great day celebrating Micah's birthday in Kalamazoo. All of his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin were there, plus great-grandma V. and great-Aunt Esther. Micah loved the balloons, eating his first cake, opening presents, and playing with cousin Noah. Aunt Kathy also gave Micah his first hair trim (don't worry, we left all the curls in back!). It was a wonderful day of celebrating with family!

Grandma V. made me a delicious cake

I had my own mini-cake and dove in right away.

Want some?

I shared my cake with great Aunt-Esther! She got a little messy too! :)

Daddy helped me open presents!
It's fun to play with new toys

This is right after Aunt Kathy trimmed my hair. I was getting a little tired.

Later in the afternoon, cousin Noah helped me drink milk!


1st peak at the newest Fritzemeier!

We had the ultrasound last night. It ended up being quite late, because they had an emergency just before ours was scheduled. We had some really good views of the baby's face, and the baby was crossing their legs and putting their hand up by their face. We also saw the heart beating. The tech wasn't allowed to give me information, but I can get the report from the doctor's office at the end of the week. She was allowed to tell us that there was just one baby. :) Micah was a big hit with the staff people. Dean told me that a cleaning lady even held him while they were waiting (they just had Dean and Micah come in at the end and showed all of us the pics at the same time). The tech was able to get Micah to say "baby" which came out more like "ba-ba".


I love bath time!!!

(Mom might get in trouble for this picture some day!!!! )